Kitchen Link and Recipes Training Center

Found in the heart of Quezon City’s entertainment and food district, KITCHENLINK and Recipes Training Center has stood as a testament on the excellent service of the Filipino when provided the skills, the environment, and the technological training vital in achieving their dreams. KITCHENLINK has, for 2 years, been offering an atmosphere of learning in a simulated space, akin to a real restaurant, equipped with a well-stocked bar, menu, and other workings of a dining establishment to further enhance the learning experience of its alumni through hands-on training.

In partnership with the Technological Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA), KITCHENLINK Recipes and Training Center has been instrumental in shaping the careers of hundreds of once unemployed individuals and transcending them into a workforce highly-qualified for the country’s growing food and beverage industries. Through its Free Food and Beverage Service NC II trainings, KITCHENLINK produced graduates with top-caliber professionalism and service, and the training center takes pride that most of its graduates are currently employed.

Now, by harnessing professionalism and supreme service in the fields of food and beverage, KITCHENLINK Recipes Training Center imbeds the same passion it has for the industry to the hearts and minds of its students, and the results are clearly exceptional.


Torios Grill

#116 Timog Avenue, Quezon City



  • Food And Beverage Services NC III


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